Bang Trim: $10

Beard Trim: $15

Eyebrow Wax: $25

Lip Wax: $22

Brow & Lip Wax: $30

Chin Wax: $20

Full Face Wax: $40

Nose/ Ear Wax: $22

The Extras


Bleaching service disclosure

Cuts & style


Anyone looking for a dramatic change but are unsure of the consequences? We know that feeling.That is why we are here to  educate and inform about common issues in regards to color. Most people do not understand the difficulties to achieve such certain color results. To lift out any old color or most natural colors you MUST use bleach. There are many types of bleach but all are chemical treatments.Everybody reacts differently to bleach and the big changes that come with it.  So before any color treatment is processed you will have to sign an in store release. Therefore Teased hair studio and all of our stylists cannot be held responsible for any adverse reactions or less then desired results. The release must be signed for all bleach related services. 

Women's Haircut: $55

Women's Short Haircut: $40

Men's Haircut: $30

Kid's Haircut: $25

Wash &  Style: $45

Wash & Blowdry: $40

Deep Conditioner: $50

All Over Hair Color: $95


Touch Up Color: $85

Partial Highlight: $140

Full Highlight: $155

Flash Foil: $75

Ombre/ Balayage: $200

Color Correction: $400

Mens Color: $60

Toner: $30